Not that cute.

one day i'll live in a fort amongst the animals. until then I'm here.

Monday 5/14

I got a boyfriend.
And stupid shit happened.
But I’m gonna listen to my gut and try to block out shit everyone else says because honestly, none of their relationships are perfect, there’s been worse things done to and from them so it could have been worse.

But hey, everyone comes home in 11 days.
I miss my best friends and I miss him.

Monday 5/14

- 10 am phone interview for the summer
- 10 am petitioning with PETA in Staten Island
- 4pm Lucky Brand interview


… Monday could either go really well or terrible but I’m leaning towards really flippin great

I can’t even be sad about this, I’m just angry.

Last weekend I spent it with some of my best friends and within the 1/2 hour mark of being home they went crazy and started going wild to some song and they immediately jumped almost to the front of the van screaming some song I barely remembered until the car ride home from Philly today. It was this song.
Of course they would choose gang vocals

The moment a friend tries to cheer you up but instead you end up crying and feeling like complete shit. Yeah.